Overview of Casino Games

Casino wagering is one of the most diverse forms of gambling due to the variety of activities offered. Either a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino will typically have a large selection of games to play. This is one of the many factors why casino wagering is so prevalent due to.

There are significantly more casino games than most people realize, but only a handful can be considered truly popular. These games can be found in the majority of casinos: slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, and craps.

This section of our website contains guides to the most popular casino games. We have also covered several of the lesser-known ones. These guides contain all the information you could possibly need about each game, including rules, variations, and strategy advice where applicable. We will also list the top online casinos for each game.

The Varieties of Casino Games

All of the above-mentioned casino games, as well as any other casino game, can be classified in a variety of ways. There are several primary game categories that are traditionally used to classify them, and they can also be classified according to the magnitude of the house advantage or the level of expertise required.

Below, we examine the various varieties of casino games, elaborating on each in greater detail. Additionally, we have provided examples of which games belong to which categories.

Principal Casino Game Types
The following are the primary classifications used to categorize casino games. Please note that many games can be classified in multiple categories.

Card Games Symbol for Casino Cards
This category is, somewhat evidently, for any game that’s played using cards. Card games technically fall under the table games category because they are also played on tables. However, many individuals regard card games as a distinct category of game. The casino’s most popular card games are blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Icon for Table Games Roulette
These are table games that are performed quite simply. The majority of card games fall into this category, but roulette and craps are also popular examples.

Icon for Electronic Games Slots
This category is somewhat out-of-date, as it represents any game performed on a machine as opposed to a table. One could argue that this is true for all online activities. In land-based casinos, it includes slot machines and video poker.

Lottery-Based Games
Lottery Symbol
Lottery-style casino activities are typically not among the most popular. Typically, they involve no decision-making whatsoever, as they are wholly dependent on chance. Keno is the most prevalent casino game in this category.

Jackpot Games Cash Symbol
This category includes all games with a progressive jackpot. Numerous slot machines, video poker games, and table games offer progressive rewards. In Caribbean Stud Poker, for instance, the progressive jackpot is typically won with a royal flush.

Casino Game House Advantage

It is useful to categorize casino games according to the magnitude of the house margin, as there are significant advantages to playing games with a low house edge. However, this does not mean that you should disregard games with a high house advantage, as they frequently offer the opportunity to win larger rewards relative to the quantity wagered.

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